Lucas Stahl

I’m a director of developer marketing manager and web developer working in the tech industry. I have 18+ years of marketing experience and recently obtained a Master’s degree in Communications: New Media and Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University. Following my MA degree I completed a Full Stack Web Development Certificate at Northwestern University, in order to build on my digital skillset.

I have a passion for videography and photography. I’m looking to use my passion and experience, along with my education to further my digital marketing career.


I love to share my experiences and new technologies.

Web design is tricky, but incredibly satisfying when all your hard work comes together. Take a look at my blog and join me as I tackle web programming.

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I've lived in the Midwest my whole life, however I travel a lot. I'm happily married, expecting my first child (Baby Boy) and have the greatest dog in the whole wide world. I'm a huge Green Bay Packers fan for those football junkies out there. My wife and I travel to a new stadium every year, we like to call it Packers Nation Invasion. Go Pack Go!

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